Caterpillars Day 16

We do have one more post before we see butterflies. It was moving day for the chrysalises. I moved them from the cups to the butterfly houses. The butterfly houses are now sitting in front of my desk where I can watch them – as if I need a distraction from getting my work done 🙂

my view

one that has fallen off the lid

from the top of the butterfly house

a chrysalis close-up


Caterpillars Day 12

We started Day 12 with 13 caterpillars in their “J” shape. We are ending the day with three chrysalises and 12 caterpillars hanging in their “J”.

The students came to my office to view what is happening. We should be seeing butterflies by the end of next week.

This picture gives a good view of each stage of the caterpillars that we currently have at school.