Caterpillar day 16

This post was really for yesterday but I ran out of time to upload it. The day started with 23 chrysalises, 7 caterpillars in their “J shape” and 4 caterpillars.

I set up the iPad to record an overnight time lapse video of a large cup of the caterpillars. It is 15 hours condensed into 30 seconds. Everything happens fast.

This morning we still have two caterpillars but they are laying on the bottom of the cups so I’m not sure if they will form their chrysalises.

I do have a 14 minute long video of a caterpillar forming it’s chrysalis and will try to set up a link for that.

15 hour time lapse video


Caterpillar day 14 – time lapse video

I brought my iPad to school today to capture some time lapse videos of the happenings in my office. I am hoping to capture some of the changes as the caterpillar transitions into a chrysalis. The students have seen this video this morning.

Check out the video at ~12 seconds and you can see one caterpillar drop into it’s “J shape”.



Caterpillar day 12

Well, there were no chrysalises when I arrived at school today and there are still no “J-shaped” caterpillars. Will there be one tomorrow? We’ll have to wait and see. This caterpillar is stretching between both sides of the cup.

caterpillar day 12